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Faculty Handbook

The purpose of the Faculty Handbook is to define and explain the rights, duties, roles, responsibilities and benefits of being a faculty member. The Handbook does not replace or supersede any other written policies.  It is designed to provide faculty with an official policies and procedures document that governs all faculty involvement.  These policies are developed and maintained by the Academic Committee and Executive Committee. The President and Dean of Academic Affairs are jointly responsible to amend the Handbook according to the procedures outlined herein.

Faculty Handbook can be accessed at DULA publication page.

List of DULA Faculty Member

At DULA, the faculty members have been carefully selected based on their exceptional achievement, knowledge and clinical practice in their area of expertise and for their skills as instructors. DULA faculty members have excellent multi-disciplinary experiences, knowledge, skills and competency. Many have provided input to development of the program.

To see the list of current DULA faculty members, please follow this link : List of Faculty Members

Faculty Grievance Policy

The grievance policy provides administrative recourse for resolving differences when informal measures have failed. Informal settlements of disagreements are strongly encouraged before initiating these procedures. All avenues of deliberation, consultation and mediation should be used before a grievance is filed. Disputes being adjudicated outside of DULA are excluded from these procedures.

Faculty Grievance Policy can be read in DULA University Policy Handbook and/or DULA Faculty Handbook. Both of these handbooks are available at DULA publication page. DULA Faculty Grievance form can also be obtained at DULA front desk office or downloaded at DULA forms page.

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