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Scholarships and Financial Aid

DULA recognizes the paramount significance of education and financial support. In pursuit of our mission to cultivate proficient medical practitioners, we are steadfast in ensuring your success on this journey. The inception of these scholarships is aimed at bolstering our existing students, nurturing dedication to the medical field, and fostering a diverse community of incoming students from various disciplines.

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants are required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Full-Time Status: Applicants must be enrolled full-time, defined as completing 12 quarterly units or 120 hours of clinic internship.
  2. Academic Excellence: A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 is expected from all applicants.
  3. Registrar’s Office Standing: Applicants should not have any outstanding status in the registrar’s office, including but not limited to issues such as unsatisfactory academic progress, outstanding balances from previous quarters, and similar matters.

Here are the guidelines and regulations for the scholarship application process:

  1. Multiple Applications: Students are allowed to submit an unlimited number of applications, but only one scholarship will be awarded per student.
  2. Application Period: The scholarship application window will open during the 9th week of each quarter and remain open until the first week of the vacation Below, you can find the specific dates for each quarter.
  3. Award Timing: Awards will be granted in the preceding quarter, specifically the day after the drop/add deadline.
  4. Late Applications: No late applications will be accepted, so please ensure timely submission.
  5. Scholarship-Specific Criteria: Each scholarship has its unique criteria, application windows, deadlines, and other specifications. Applicants should be fully aware of these differences and adhere to them.
  6. Automatic Awards: In scholastic categories, no application is required. The scholarship will be automatically awarded to the top student and credited to their Populi accounts.

These guidelines aim to provide clarity and ensure a fair and transparent scholarship application process for all students.

Types of Financial Aid

Types of Financial Aid Available to DULA Students

New Students

  • Registered Nurse (RN), Vocational Nurse (VN), Medical Doctor (MD), Veterinary, Naturopath Pharmacist (PhD), Chiropractor, Dental Hygienists, Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, Dietitians, Medical Technologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists
    Radiographers, Respiratory Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists

DULA welcomes applicants from diverse healthcare backgrounds, aiming to foster a comprehensive and collaborative approach to medical education that integrates acupuncture and herbal medicine into their professional expertise.

  • Registration Period: Quarterly
  • Additional Requirements: Submit a reference letter from an active member of the Dongguk Alumni Association. The President of the Dongguk Alumni Association may introduce additional requirements at their discretion.
  • Reward Details: Scholarship amount up to $10,000, or as determined by the scholarship committee’s discretion.

This scholarship is exclusively tailored for students with a background in massage therapy.

Registration Period: Quarterly

Specific Requirements:

  • Official transcripts demonstrating completion of a professional program in massage therapy.
  • Possession of a Baccalaureate degree or above.
  • Proof of an active license throughout your enrollment at DULA.

Reward Information:

  • The scholarship amount can be up to $5,000 or as determined by the scholarship committee.
  • The awarded amount will be dispersed on a quarterly basis.

DULA, located in the heart of Los Angeles’ Koreatown, proudly embraces the diversity of our neighboring community, with a significant percentage of Hispanic/Latin origin. Recognizing the richness of cultures and languages in our field, we are dedicated to fulfilling our mission: “To provide accessible health care services to the local community.”

Overview: Our Spanish Language Proficiency Scholarship aims to encourage dedicated Spanish speakers to become pioneers in the field of acupuncture and serve their community. If you speak, read, and write in Spanish, we invite you to apply for this scholarship and take advantage of your bilingual skills.

Registration Period: Quarterly

Requirements: Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in communicating in Spanish through one of the following methods:

  • Submitting an essay in Spanish.
  • Completing a Spanish Proficiency test via SIELE (score: ____).
  • Providing evidence through certifications or coursework.

Reward Details:

  • The scholarship offers a maximum reward of up to $5,000.
  • A sum of $500 will be awarded per quarter to successful recipients.

At DULA, we hold steadfast in the principles of camaraderie, community, and unity. Our unique school spirit fosters lasting friendships that extend well beyond graduation. We deeply value our Alumni, and this scholarship is an expression of our commitment to honor not only them but also their cherished friends. If you are referred by an active member of our esteemed Dongguk Alumni Association, we invite you to apply.

Registration Period: Quarterly

Additional Requirements: To be eligible, applicants must submit a reference letter from an active member of the Dongguk Alumni Association. The President of the Dongguk Alumni Association reserves the right to include additional requirements at their discretion.

Reward Details: The scholarship amount is flexible, with a maximum value of up to $10,000, subject to the discretion of the scholarship committee.

Transfer Students

Open to students transferring from any accredited Community College.

Registration Period: Within the first quarter of enrollment.

Additional Requirements: Submit official transcripts from a U.S. accredited community college, demonstrating completion of an associate’s degree (AA, AA-F) or 60 semester units or more.

Reward Details: Up to $2,000. The amount and distribution method are at the discretion of the scholarship committee.”

This scholarship is dedicated to students who have commenced an acupuncture program within the United States and have selected DULA to further their journey toward becoming an acupuncturist.

Registration Period: Within the first quarter of enrollment. Additional

Requirements: Submit official transcripts from another fully accredited Acupuncture School in the U.S. Accreditation must be from BPPE and ACAHM.

Reward Details: Up to $5,000; $300 will be awarded per quarter exclusively for didactic courses.

Amounts of up to $900 or 50% will be awarded towards the internship per quarter. The scholarship committee will make the final decision.

Alumni from Dongguk University Korea are encouraged to apply at a discounted rate! In solidarity with our sister school, graduates from any field at DU can avail benefits here in the U.S.

Registration period: Within the first quarter of enrollment.

Additional Requirements: Provide evidence of alumni status at D.U Korea. Any additional requirements, including but not limited to threshold amounts for degree types, are at the discretion of the scholarship committee or alumni association.

Reward details: Up to $20,000

Current Students

Students with outstanding academic achievements throughout the year, boasting the highest GPA, will automatically receive this scholarship.

Registration period: Annually, no application is necessary; it will be automatically rewarded.

Additional Requirements: Students must have a minimum of 48 units in the current year.

Reward details: $1,000

To acknowledge students who have successfully completed all courses within a designated category, recognition will be conferred upon the student attaining the highest GPA in each respective category. The categories encompass Oriental Medicine (39 units), Acupuncture (30 units), Herbology (45 units), and Western Medicine (39 units).

Registration Period: Annually, in November.

Additional Requirements: All courses within the specified category must be successfully completed. Only one category will be awarded per student.

Reward Details: A monetary reward of $300 will be granted to the recipient in recognition of their achievement.

On a quarterly basis, we seek to honor the exemplary academic performance of students enrolled in our comprehensive MAcHM and DAcHM programs. This scholarship specifically acknowledges the student with the highest GPA in didactic courses.

Registration Period: Quarterly

Additional Information: Transfer students are exempt from this scholarship. Eligibility is extended to students enrolled in either the MAcHM or dual-track program. No separate application is required for this scholarship.

Reward Details: Recipients will be granted a monetary award of $250 in recognition of their outstanding achievements in didactic coursework.

This prestigious award is dedicated to recognizing the top-performing intern enrolled full-time per quarter. Nominations for this accolade will be made by our OMC Director and faculty members, focusing on the intern’s outstanding clinical performance. We seek interns who demonstrate a solid grasp of TCM diagnosis, point selection, and exhibit key qualities such as leadership, integrity, and professionalism.

Registration Period: Quarterly

Additional Information: Evaluation will be conducted for one Level 2 and one Level 3 intern throughout the quarter. Level 1 interns are exempt from consideration.

Award Information: Interns at the mentioned levels will receive a scholarship of $200 each for their exceptional performance.

This scholarship is exclusively available to members of the student council who have demonstrated exemplary leadership within their respective roles, including President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Applicants must showcase tangible achievements or involvement in extracurricular activities that contribute to the enhancement of DULA’s student body. Additionally, students recommended by a Dean outside of these positions may also be considered.

Registration Period: Annually

Additional Requirements: Applicants must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in the subsequent year.

Reward Details:

  • President: $300
  • Vice President: $200
  • Treasurer: $200
  • Secretary: $100

This scholarship is designed for students seeking an opportunity without specific constraints. To be considered, applicants must submit a one-page essay, with the best essay determined as the winner. Essay topics will vary each quarter, encompassing themes such as accomplishments, diversities, and educational pursuits.

Additional Information:

  • Application and submission of a one-page essay are required.The winner will be selected solely based on the quality of the essay submitted.

Reward Details: The scholarship amount is variable, determined by the current quarter’s budget or availability.

This scholarship is generously provided by sponsors or donors who establish their own set of criteria or requirements. The committee will evaluate qualifying factors on a quarterly basis.

Additional Information: Eligibility is open to full-time, current students.

Reward Details: The amounts and distribution of the scholarship will be determined by the committee as funds become available.

DULA is pleased to offer the MAcHM Graduate Grant, exclusively designed for graduates of our MAcHM/MSOM programs who aspire to pursue their doctoral degree with us in the DAcHM program. This grant is an acknowledgment of your commitment to advancing your education within our community.

Registration Period: The timeframe extends from graduation to enrolling in the DAcHM program.

Additional Information: To be eligible, the application must be submitted before the initial enrollment into the DAcHM program.

Reward Details: The grant amounts will be distributed based on the cumulative GPA achieved during your MAcHM/MSOM program:

  • GPA of 4.0: $2,000
  • GPA of 3.9: $1,500
  • GPA of 3.8: $1,000

The total grant value can be up to $4,500. We look forward to supporting your continued academic journey at DULA.

The DULA Family Scholarship is dedicated to supporting the educational pursuits of individuals who are close relatives or dependents of current employees or faculty members at DULA. Close relatives are defined as parents, siblings, children, and spouses. To establish eligibility, documentation demonstrating family ties will be required.

Registration Period: The application window opens at the start of each academic year.

Additional Information: Proof of documentation may include birth certificates, marriage certificates, or other relevant forms of verification.

Award Amounts: To Be Announced (TBA). We are committed to assisting the educational journeys of our extended DULA family, and the specific award amounts will be communicated in due course.

The DULA Family Scholarship for Employees and Faculty is dedicated to supporting the academic pursuits of our valued staff and faculty members at DULA.

Eligibility: Applicants must be current employees or faculty members at DULA. Documentation verifying employment status will be required.

Registration Period: The application window opens at the start of each academic year.

Additional Information: Details to be Announced (TBA). Specific requirements and additional information will be communicated at a later date.

Award Amounts: To Be Announced (TBA). We are committed to assisting our dedicated employees and faculty members in furthering their education, and the specific award amounts will be provided as details become available.