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DULA’s Board of Directors

Board of Directors

President & CEO

General Administration

Chief Operating Officer: [email protected]
Chief Financial Officer: [email protected]
IT Manager: [email protected]
Financial Aid Manager: [email protected]
HR Manager: [email protected]
Facilities Manager: [email protected]

Admissions & Marketing

Director of Admissions: [email protected]
Admissions: [email protected]
Marketing: [email protected]

Academic & Clinic Administration

Dean of Academic Affairs: [email protected]
Director of Doctoral Studies: [email protected]
Associate Academic Dean: [email protected]
Doctoral Program Advisor: [email protected]
MAcHM Program Director: [email protected]
Academic Coordinator (MAcHM) - Korean: [email protected]
Academic Coordinator (MAcHM) - English: [email protected]
Academic Coordinator (DAcHM): [email protected]
OMC Director: [email protected]
OMC Manager / Herbal Dispensary Manager: [email protected]

Student Services

Director of Student Affairs [email protected]
Student Services Coordinator - Korean [email protected]
Student Services Coordinator - English [email protected]
Alumni Coordinator [email protected]
Registrar [email protected]
International Student Services Advisor [email protected]
Librarian [email protected]