Dongguk University Korea serves as the sister school to Dongguk University Los Angeles and consistently ranks among the top universities in Korea. Founded in 1906 by Korea’s Jogye Buddhist order, Dongguk University Korea stands out as one of the few Buddhist-affiliated universities in the world. It has consistently opened its doors to students and teachers of all faiths and philosophies.

The origins of Dongguk University Los Angeles can be traced back to 1976, when Dr. Harvart R. Hongo began teaching the fundamentals of acupuncture and Oriental medicine at his Sei Shin Acupuncture Clinic. Encouraged by his patients, who were eager to learn more about this healing art, Dr. Hongo took the first steps towards achieving his goal of combining research and educational efforts with the provision of charitable health services to the community. This vision came to fruition in 1979 with the establishment of the Royal University of America, which started with three faculty members and 11 students.

In January 1997, Dongguk University Korea formed an affiliation with the Royal University of America in Los Angeles. Dongguk Royal University was rededicated as Dongguk University Los Angeles in March 2009, coinciding with its 30th anniversary. Today, Dongguk University Los Angeles offers an accredited Master of Science program in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, available in both English and Korean, as well as a Doctor of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine program. This effort continues the tradition of enhancing the quality of education and personal growth by uniting diverse life experiences and cultures within a shared educational mission.