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Policies & Procedures

Academic Policies and Procedures are good guidelines to help students navigate more common academic tasks, such as add/drop courses, Withdrawal from classes, enrolling as an audit and more. Most Academic Policies are explained in the DULA Program Catalog & Handbook (MAcHM / DAcHM).

Registration Policy

Add/Drop Period:

Students may add or drop classes during the first 10 days of each quarter (ending on the Wednesday of the 2nd week of the quarter at 12:00 PM).

Class Cancellation:

Any class with fewer than 4 enrolled students will be canceled at the end of the add/drop period of the quarter. Students enrolled in a class that has been canceled may register for other available classes until the Friday of the 2nd week of the quarter.

Course Withdrawal:

All withdrawals after the add/drop period will be recorded on the student's transcript as a 'W' (withdrawal). Starting the 7th week and through to the end of the quarter, any classes dropped will be recorded as 'WF' (withdrawal/fail) with no credit (see grading policy).

Course Audit:

Students are not allowed to sit in any class without first registering. Please obtain the audit registration form at the front desk or download it at the DULA school forms. Complete the form and bring it to the Program Director and/or Dean of Academic Affairs for approval before registering to audit a class. More information about the course audit policy and procedure can be found in the program catalog.

Late Registration:

A $100 fee will be applied to all late class and/or clinic shift registrations. Additionally, a $20 fee will be applied to any class dropped during the late registration period and to any registered clinic shift changes made after the official clinic registration period. To view the dates for official class and clinic registration, please refer to the DULA academic calendar.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandatory for every class and clinic shift, and it is taken each week. Students must be present for at least 80% of the total class time to receive credit for a course. If a student misses more than 20% of the class time, they will fail the course and will be required to repeat it.

  • Three (3) instances of tardiness will count as one (1) absence.
  • A student can accumulate up to three (3) absences due to tardiness and, as a result, may fail the course.
  • Students with two (2) excused absences for a specific clinic shift may be allowed to perform make-up hours at the discretion of the OMC director.
  • Students with more than two (2) excused absences for a clinic shift will fail and must repeat the entire clinic shift the following quarter.

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence refers to a specific time period during a student’s course of study when they are not in academic attendance. A student may be granted one Leave of Absence within any 12- month period, not to exceed 180 calendar days. One subsequent Leave of Absence within that same 12-month period can be granted for unforeseen circumstances. If after the extension of one subsequent leave, student fails to enroll in DULA coursework for at least one academic quarter, then the student is considered to be terminated from the program. Leave of Absence requests should be submitted and approved prior to absence. I-20 students may apply for limited leaves of absence if all governmental and university requirements and regulations are complied with. The Program Director, International Student Service (ISS) Officer, and Financial Aid Officer must approve the request. For more information about our Leave of Absence policy, please refer to the program catalog.

Course Withdrawal

Students who wish to withdraw from their current course should submit a request to the program director and registrar. In addition, the OMC Manager should be notified if a student withdraws from their registered clinic shift. A ‘W (Withdraw)’ grade is given to students who withdraw from a course after the add/drop period but before the 7th week of class. No academic penalty is attached to a grade of ‘W.’ A ‘WF (Withdraw-Fail)’ grade is given to students who withdraw from a course during or after the 7th week. A ‘WF’ grade is computed into the student’s CGPA. For more information about our grading policy, please refer to the program catalog.

Program Withdrawal

Withdrawing from the program requires submission of a ‘Withdrawal’ form and an exit interview with the admissions director. If you have received financial aid, you will also be required to complete an exit interview with the financial aid director. After withdrawing from the program, you may reapply, but you must complete a new application for admission. Upon readmission, following an absence of one year or more, you will be required to complete the program of study in place during the term of your return. All readmissions are subject to approval. For more information about the Leave of Absence policy, please refer to the program catalog.

Re-admission After Withdrawal

The readmission process after withdrawing from the university is the same as that for a new student. Students approved for readmission are responsible for fulfilling the current curriculum requirements at the time of their readmission. If more than five years have elapsed since the student’s last enrollment, the Academic Committee will reevaluate their placement. The student may be required to take a placement exam; failure to pass may necessitate retaking the class. Please contact the admissions office ([email protected]) to apply for or inquire about readmission.