Hiring: Dean of Academic Affairs

Full Job Description

  • DULA Administration is looking for a Dean of Academic Affairs

Job title

  • Dean of Academic Affairs


  • 7-10 years Educational Administration or Academic Leadership in a post-secondary environment; Licensed Acupuncturist in California (L.Ac.), and possession of an M.S. in Oriental Medicine preferred.


  • To the DULA President


  • The Dean of Academic Affairs serves as the Chief Academic Officer and as such directs and coordinates the entire Academic and Clinical program of the University.
  • Plan and organize the instructional program and coordinate it with other institutional operates.
  • Monitor quarterly faculty performances, prepare faculty evaluations and make recommendations to President regarding raises and sales.
  • Supervise program directors in academic counseling, faculty selection, program development, scheduling of classes and general academic policy adherence.
  • Give direction to the faculty and their teaching activities; direct the evaluation and improvements of curriculum.
  • Directly participate in recommendations for and final hiring decisions on all personnel matters as member of the Executive council.
  • Periodically review the educational objectives to ensure consistency with institutional mission, objectives, goals.
  • Participate in special studies and reports, such as accreditation relating to the institutional instructional program; represent the institution in regional and statewide committees and coherences
  • Serve on administrative policy making bodies including the Faculty, Council, and other committees of the institution; assist in preparation of the University catalog and other brochures relating to the instruction programs.
  • Supervise and coordinate library development and staff.
  • Develop Academic Programs; Develop research criteria; review ACAHM, BPPE, Acupuncture Board and Department of Education’s regulations concerning instructional programs and update other departments to ensure compliance.
  • Periodically review institutional academic standards and policies and give general directives to the institution.
  • Responsible for Exams.
  • Review student’s qualification for the Graduation Exam with Registrar. * Formulate, implement, and provide authoritative interpretation of policies and procedures relating to admissions.
  • Supervise and provide general directives to the Program Directors.
  • Develop and implement student services and procedures.
  • Supervise the certification of enrollment of students and implementation of campus policy to ensure adherence to stated federal statutes.
  • Participate in the admissions process in an indirect supervisory capacity only; participate as one member of the Admissions Committee in reviewing completed students’ files for arriving at final determination on admissions.
  • Serve on administrative policy-making bodies including the Admissions Committee and other committees of the institution.
  • Aid foreign students with INS matters, as well as seeking off-campus housing, and other aspects of settling to the new environment.
  • Participate in assisting international students with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
    Service requirements, compliance, issuance of relevant forms,
  • Monitor program directors in the processing all students’ application for entrance into the University; compile and evaluate students’ application for authenticity of documents submitted by students, after all direct and indirect recruitment activities have concluded regarding the program directors for each applicant.
  • Supervise the program directors in assisting new and continuing students in academic counseling.
  • Draft and periodically revise Standard Operating procedures for his position.


  • Evaluated by the President at the end of probation and from then twice a year.