Four Year Program

The MSOM program at Dongguk University can be completed in four years and is therefore ideal for full-time students eager to become licensed practitioners (students with other commitments may also attend part-time). First-year students focus on academics, learning the building blocks of Oriental Medicine, Herbology, and Western Medicine. In the second year, students begin the observation portion of their clinical training, shadowing and learning from more advanced students and clinical supervisors. Studies continue with advanced instruction in Oriental and Western Medicine and Herbology. By the third and fourth year, students are actively participating in the clinic, taking patients and working with supervisors on the best treatment strategies. Academics during the final year focus on the most advanced training, specialized topics, practice management, and electives.


Dongguk University of Los Angeles
ESTIMATED COST OF PROGRAM (including other fees) – MSOM Program $47,685
(a) one didactic unit is equivalent to 10 hours of classroom instruction
(b) one clinical unit is equivalent to 20 hours of clinical internship training instruction

Esteemed Faculty

Dongguk University prides itself in an impressive faculty with international experience. Dr. Qiwei Zheng, editor of Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, a top textbook in the field, has almost 40 years experience of researching, teaching, and practicing Integrative Medicine, TCM, and Acupuncture. Dr. Zheng has trained more than five thousand foreign medical doctors, medical technicians and students about Acupuncture from over one hundred countries.

Dr. Chunyi Qian has over 30 years experience of researching, practicing, and teaching Integrative Medicine, Acupuncture, and Chinese Herbology. Dr. Qian has been invited to give numerous lectures on Integrative Medicine, Acupuncture, & Herbology around the world in countries including Italy, Israel, England, Jordan, and the United States.

Oriental Medical Clinic

Our clinic boasts 14 treatment rooms and training in all of the tools of the trade, including cupping, guasha, electrical stimulation, auricular acupuncture, and tuina. We treat a diverse patient population from a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Because the clinic serves as an important and affordable source of medical care for the surrounding community, student interns are exposed to myriad medical issues from which to learn. Our clinic was voted Best Acupuncture in Los Angeles by the LA Weekly in 2014.

On-Site Herbal Pharmacy

We have a large herbal pharmacy where students learn how to prepare custom herbal formulas. Our pharmacy offers hundreds of different raw herbs, powders, and patent pills; providing students with hands-on experience in formula writing and preparation. In addition, unlike other acupuncture schools in the area, DULA has its own decoction machine that students learn to operate.

Central Location

Dongguk University is located in Koreatown, a vibrant neighborhood filled with restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping. Koreatown is conveniently located within five miles of East Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, and downtown Los Angeles, each communities with distinct personalities and a multitude of places to live and eat. The diversity of the University’s immediate geographic community fosters an enriching learning and living experience for all students. There are also beaches close by to enjoy during the summer, mountains for winter weekend skiing and snowboarding getaways, as well as internationally renowned music, film, theater and other cultural venues in close proximity. Easy access to freeways, a 5 minute walk from the red and purple Metro lines, and reliable surface public transportation make our locale attractive to both our students and clinic patients.

DULA Experience

DULA is conveniently located in downtown Los Angeles where students are able to experience multicultural activities outside of school, but more importantly, DULA offers students opportunities for multicultural exchanges with faculty and students from other language programs that enhance students’ appreciation and comprehension of East Asian Medicine and culture. DULA offers students opportunities from respective language programs to audit classes from other language programs to encourage students who are motivated and eager to reinforce comprehension of course topics in another language.

Externship Opportunities

DULA offers interns externship opportunities to observe and/or treat patients at AIDS Health Foundation (AHF) Healthcare Center at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center giving students a broader clinical training.