Student Request

In DULA, a student request is defined as a request from student to DULA to develop, process, or modify something that may have an impact on DULA and its students in the future. For example: a student request to open a specific elective class in one quarter, request to open a free lunch lecture by a specific invited speaker, and request for a student activity.

Student Request is different than the Student Grievance. A grievance is a complaint or allegation on student(s) against other student(s), faculty, staff or DULA administration. For example: being treated unfairly, wrong, or discriminatorily in academic performance by faculty, student, or others; violations of DULA procedures or policies; infringement of established or inferred rights; or violation against ethical conduct. Grievance may not be filed solely to repeal DULA regulations or policies but may address how a regulation or policy was reached, interpreted, or implemented.

The following are the procedure related to the student request:

  • Students may provide student requests to the DULA student services coordinator. A student request form is available for students and can be obtained at DULA front office, student services coordinator office, or in a downloadable format at DULA website (
  • Students then request an appointment with student services coordinator and bring the filled-in student request form attached with all the necessary supportive documents.
  • Student services coordinator will discuss the request with the student, then investigate the necessary further action required. If necessary, student services coordinator may bring the request to student council and the Academic Department.
  • Once the student request has been evaluated and a conclusion is presented, the student services coordinator will provide a response to the student via email.
  • If the decision is provided from the academic committee meeting, written notice of the decision will be transmitted within a reasonable time, not exceeding 30 days from the time the request was provided by the student.