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DULA’s mission is to explore and embody principles and practices of Traditional East Asian medicine, develop a community of skilled medical practitioners, and provide accessible health care services to the local community. Our Library inspires a culture of inquiry and intellectual discovery that complements the University’s mission to further Traditional East Asian medicine knowledge and training. The Library contains a large collection encompassing physical and digital copies of content and services essential to continue advancements in medicine: research, development, and technology. Join the DULA community and acquire perspectives and ideas on a global level.


The Library seeks to uphold the University’s mission  through advocacy of the values below, which inform how we—the Library, university, and our community of patrons—conduct ourselves equitably. By upholding these foundational values, effective utilization and allocation of resources for instruction, research, and collaboration is illuminated.

  • Knowledge: Provide collections, technologies, and guidance to enhance research, learning, and instruction
  • Equity of Access: Promote open, enduring, and affordable access to information and resources
  • Ethics: Advocate ethical and professional integrity within all of our operations and services
  • Diversity: Embrace diversity in all forms, and support all differences with understanding and respect
  • Service: Address the needs of our campus and patron community with expertise, dedication, and empathy.


DULA Library houses over 14,000 print books, journals, newspapers and multimedia materials—consisting of English, Korean, and Chinese language materials—this collection represents all subjects of Traditional East Asian medicine research and practice.

The Digital Multimedia Library offers digital images and multimedia files of select materials from our Library collection, which are chosen to serve the research and teaching needs of DULA’s student and faculty. This ever-growing repository includes current and newly acquired materials, continually.

The Capstone Archival Collection documents the completed CAPSTONE research projects of DAOM students and is available for reference only.

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Dongguk Korea Library

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DULA Library is located on the on the third floor (Room 303) of the DULA campus in Koreatown, Los Angeles: at 440 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, CA. 90020.

Phone: (213) 487-0110 ext. 409

Email: library@dula.edu

DULA Librarian: Headlibrarian@dula.edu

Library hours are Monday thru Friday 9:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. The Library is closed on Saturday & Sunday.

Check-out service is available on Monday-Friday 2:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M.

Library hours may vary during quarter break season.