PD700 Advance Research

Prerequisite: PD100

Doctoral students obtain competencies on concepts of evidence-based medicine and evidence-informed practice as they relate to AOM clinical research. Additional topics include competencies in data collection, assessing and synthesizing information from research, as well as developing and modifying treatment plans and protocols based on research.

PD710 Advance Case Analysis and Clinical Research

Prerequisite: PD100

This course is designed to develop advanced case analysis skills, including research methods necessary to understand, develop, and analyze clinical cases. Students will gain competency in both traditional and modern research material, biomedical research. Students will be developing and writing case studies and do formal presentations of their cases.

PD720 Advance Professional Development

Prerequisite: ME311, ME312, WM211

In this course, students obtain ethical, legal, and business skills to competently collaborate with other practitioners in an integrative, multi-modality settings. Students also gain competency in the broad scope of career and practice options in integrative medicine; as well as regarding professional development skills to ensure lifelong scholarly habits to support their patients appropriately. Discussions and presentations on patient education, community outreach, career development and collaborative care, such as public speaking, case presentations, report writing, creating and maintaining a referral network and inter‐professional communication will be conducted in class.