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This course prepares students to integrate western diagnostic studies into their AOM clinical practice. The course will cover relevant laws and regulations that affect diagnostic procedures; indications, risks, and benefits of diagnostic procedures within the practitioner’s scope of practice. The course also prepares students to obtain competencies in appropriate applications of diagnostic studies and tools, ability to assess written diagnostic reports, and effective communications regarding the results of diagnostic studies with other healthcare providers. Students also will be exposed to select advanced diagnostic machines from Korea.

PD 701 is a 3-part series and will be split into 2 dates totaling 20 CEU Units

  • 5/2/2021 9 am – 3 pm Course: PD701 Integrative Diagnosis (part 1: WM) Instructed by: Mahmoud Yeganeh
  • 5/2/2021 3:30 pm – 9 pm Course: PD701 Integrative Diagnosis (part 2: WM) Instructed by: Edward Oh
  • 5/30/2021 9 am – 9 pm Course: PD701 Integrative Diagnosis (part 3: OM) Instructed by: Yae Chang

Tuition fee: $200 per 10-CEU courses / Total: $400

Ceu Coordinator: Jacy Davis LAc.

Contact: Ceu@dula.edu