Thank you for your donation to Dongguk University Los Angeles

One of our proud alumni, Victoria Hyounbok Cho, L.Ac  donated $5,000 to school for scholarships on October 6th
MS. Victoria graduated in 2000 and has been successfully providing acupuncture practicing at her own clinic in Torrance, CA.

She and President Aum had finished their studies at our school alongside. When she heard the stunning news that her old schoolmate had returned to school to serve as a President, she eventually decided to make a donation for promising students at DULA.  

Victoria once mentioned, “I would like to give a small hand to help them out who have relentless passions for studying in acupuncture but are facing with their own financial struggles.  I hope this donation is meant to be a steppingstone for someone who deserves it .”

President Aum voiced out his ambition, saying, “My sincere appreciation to Victoria for her generous gratitude for our students. I will vigorously devote my effort to the school, so our students would concentrate on their studies and finally become successful in their goals.”

|Oct 10, 2022|

Victoria Hyounbok Cho, Donation for Scholarship Funds

The Buddhist chief monk Hae-an of Muyeom Temple donated a $1,000 scholarship for the development of Dongguk University. Monk Hae-an said, “It is a great pleasure to carry out the teachings of Buddha. I would try my best to help the school and students.”

President Aum said, “I would try my best to help the school and students and the community that we are in as also.

The Buddhist chief monk Hae-an of Muyeom Temple, Donation for development of Dongguk University