CPX Examination

The Clinical Performance Exam (CPX) was established by Dongguk University Los Angeles (DULA) in order to evaluate students’ competency in clinical skills by the end of Level 2 of their clinical internship .

This exam follows the Objective and Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) format: An objective structured clinical examination designed to test clinical skill performance and competence in different areas such as, communication, clinical examination, medical procedures prescription, exercise prescription, joint mobilization/manipulation techniques, and interpretation of results.

The OSCE format is a hands-on, real-world approach to learning, that allows examinees to understand the key factors that drive the medical decision-making process. It challenges the professional to be innovative, reveals their errors in case-handling, and provides an open space for improved decision-makin, based on evidence-based practice for real-world responsibilities.

Please review the following CPX guideline to obtain more detailed information.