PD800 Advance Acupuncture Techniques

Prerequisite: AC321-322

This course offers training in advanced acupuncture modalities, including Master Tung, scalp acupuncture, and selected Traditional Korean Medicine acupuncture techniques. Upon completion of this course, students will gain a deeper understanding of advanced acupuncture modalities as they relate to treatment options and patient care. Case studies in a variety of medical conditions and medical settings will also be introduced.

PD801-804 Neuromusculoskeletal Acupuncture Series (1-4)

Prerequisite: AC411, AC412, AC422, WM224

These courses comprise the program’s pain management specialty, including the mechanism of pain and how acupuncture treatments may address pain management. Common disorders such as degenerative disorders, inflammatory conditions, paralysis, etc. will be covered in each region. These series courses are designed to progress through treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions related to different regions of the body: Head and Neck, Trunk and Back, Upper and Lower Extremities. In each region, structural anatomy and physiology, differentiation of disorders, diagnostic procedures, prognosis as well as treatment plans will be discussed. Integration of modern and classical theories will also be discussed.

PD801: Head and Neck

PD802: Trunk and Back

PD803: Upper Extremities

PD804: Lower Extremities

PD805 Complementary Medicine in Anti-Aging Applications

Prerequisite: OM221, OM312, OM311, AC321-322, HB311-314, HB321, BS311-313, WM224

The course concentrates on acupuncture and oriental medicine treatments related to anti-aging applications. This course will focus on applications of anti-aging acupuncture techniques, selection and usage of herbs and formulas, as well as nutrition and lifestyle modifications. The foundation behind the pathogenesis of aging and cellular decay and physiological dysfunction will also be addressed from oriental medicine and western conventional medicine perspectives.