Alumni Testimonials

Ningshan Liu


Class of 2017

“I am very happy to recommend the program of MSOM at DULA to everyone. I studied acupuncture at DULA and received my MSOM degree. I also successfully passed the California Acupuncture Licensure Examination and obtained my license.

There are two things that benefited me a lot from the program of MSOM at DULA. First, its teaching content and time arrangement are reasonable, so people like me who work full-time can also complete their studies. Second, DULA’s clinical facilities and professor team, both of which are very strong, provide reliable guarantee for students to learn acupuncture medical knowledge and acquire solid acupuncture clinical treatment skills.

In conclusion, if you want to learn Oriental medicine, acquire acupuncture skills, and be able to provide effective acupuncture treatments to patients, here – the program of MSOM at DULA, is one of the best options.”