• * President – Dongguk University Los Angeles
    An Equal Opportunity Employer

    Dongguk University Los Angeles (DULA) seeks an inclusive and innovative leader with excellent interpersonal skills, strong business acumen, and a commitment to student success to serve as its next president. The ideal candidate will work collaboratively with the DULA faculty, staff and community to transform students’ lives by creating a sustainable vision for the university and the community it serves. The President is the face of and provides leadership for the university by establishing strategies and measurable goals to increase enrollment and ensure equity in student access and success at the university. This includes coordinating and assisting faculty and staff to achieve maximum performance and results and celebrating successes. Through strong, positive leadership, the president ensures the efficient and effective use of all of the university’s resources, safeguards its assets, maintains appropriate internal controls, and ensures the quality and integrity of all financial and non-financial reporting and disclosures.

    About DULA

    Dongguk University Los Angeles (DULA) is centrally located in Los Angeles, California, where the bustling international communities of Downtown, Koreatown, Silver Lake, Mid-Wilshire, Westlake, Little Tokyo, and Chinatown converge. The diversity of the University’s immediate geographic community fosters an enriching learning and living experience for all Angelinos. Easy access to freeways, a 5-minute walk from the red and purple Metro lines, and reliable surface public transportation make DULA’s location attractive to its students and visitors. DULA operates from one of the largest modern Acupuncture and Oriental medical facilities in the United States. The spacious four-story building – 51,000 square feet in all – houses classrooms, a clinic facility, an herbal dispensary, a library, a beautiful meditation center, numerous study areas, conference rooms, and convenient on-site parking, free for visitors and patients.

    The mission of DULA is to:

    •  explore and embody the principles and practices of traditional East Asian medicine
    •  develop a community of skilled medical practitioners; and 
    •  provide accessible health care services to the local community

    DULA’s mission guides the operations of the institution and its educational programs and provides an overarching direction for its MSOM and the DATM (PD) programs. The operations of its master’s and doctoral programs, in turn, continue the mission of the institution. 

    DULA’s mission statement also drives the purpose and goals of the two programs. The purpose and goals of the two programs are as follows: 

    MSOM Purpose and Goals Statement: 

    1.  To develop competent traditional medicine practitioners through academic and clinical programs. 
    2.  To develop healthcare professionals with clinical competencies, including collaborative care. 
    3.  To develop healthcare professionals with skills and competencies to contribute to the community and the field. 
    4.  DATM Purpose and Goals Statement: 
    5.  To develop competent traditional medicine practitioners through academic and clinical programs. 
    6.  To develop healthcare professionals with clinical competencies, including collaborative care. 
    7.  To develop healthcare professionals with skills and competencies to contribute to the community and the field. 
    8.  To train leading scholars through advanced research. 
    9.  To develop specialized practitioners with training in the application of traditional medicine clinical modalities. 

    Challenges and Opportunities

    DULA is not immune to the challenges facing acupuncture universities across the country, including declining populations, budget constraints, and the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The next President will need to establish a strategic enrollment plan that aligns all aspects of the university and its faculty and staff toward a common goal of increased student enrollment and retention. The President will also play a key role in identifying and building innovative and sustainable programming and career training to prepare students for new and existing jobs and to support the community’s efforts around economic development. The President will be expected to actively partner with local business and political leaders to build a robust and sustainable workforce and economy. The future of the university and the surrounding community are inter-related and both must grow and succeed together. The DULA faculty and staff are committed to the university’s success and that of its students, but stresses of the pandemic, the great reassignment have had an impact on the DULA workforce. In order to ensure sustainable operating budgets and build necessary and required general fund reserves, DULA has operated with a lean staffing pattern.

    The next President of DULA must be a transformational leader who excels in the following areas:

    Committed to Student Access, Success, and Equity

    • A student-centered president who is sensitive to students’ needs and focuses on the holistic development of the student.
    • A president who is passionate about serving students, who has authentic concern about students, and who wants to create a welcoming and safe environment that supports teaching and learning.
    • A leader who is committed to identifying equity gaps in student outcomes on the basis of factors such as race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity and then mobilizing the college to improve results.
    • A president who is steadfast in their commitment to ensure success for all students, regardless of their background.
    • A president who appreciates, embraces and works with the diversity of DULA students and makes the campus welcoming to all students, faculty and staff.

    Financial and Operational Ability

    • A president who serves as a fiscally accountable leader and also holds everyone fiscally accountable.
    • A leader who exercises responsible stewardship of college resources.
    • A leader with understanding and experience in the use of technology to increase enrollment, student success, instruction and student support systems.
    • A leader who promotes the development of revenue through grants and other enterprise operations.
    • A leader committed to campus safety and emergency preparedness.

    Builds Strong Teams

    • A president who unifies people and directs that energy toward service to students.
    • A leader who embraces collegial consultation and understands and practices participatory governance.
    • A president who can create an atmosphere of trust and respect across all categories of employees and builds and fosters community within the college.
    • A leader who supports a partnership between instruction, student services and administrative services.

    Takes Strategic Risks

    • A leader who is willing to take significant data-informed risks, inspires change and acts ethically in alignment with the college’s mission and values.
    • A president who is willing to have and can facilitate courageous conversations with the college community and community at large.

    Communicates Effectively

    • A president who has strong communication skills, values transparency, nurtures different viewpoints and engages the college and external communities.
    • A leader who is proactive with proven advocacy skills and solid understanding of recent local, state, and national legislation that impacts community colleges.
    • A president who articulates the vision of the college and who inspires collective action to take Los Angeles Pierce College to the next level.

    Develops Effective External Partnerships

    • A leader who can build functional, mutually beneficial partnerships with medical field outside to expand education.
    • A leader who develops partnerships with universities to promote transfer and collaborative grants.
    • A leader who understands the needs of the local industries, and fosters partnerships between those industries.
    • A president who understands public relations, college branding and marketing and actively participates in the community.
    • A leader who uses the college’s influence and resources to pave the way for ongoing student access and success by forging partnerships with outside entities.

          • Master’s degree or advanced degree of at least equivalent standard from an accredited college or university. The required degree must be completed at the time of filing an application.
          • At least one year of successful full-time experience in a senior leadership position in education, business, industry or government, preferably as a college or university administrator.
          • A sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of district faculty, staff, and students.
          • Earned doctorate from an accredited institution.
          • Teaching, student services or administrative services experience preferably at the postsecondary level.
          • Five years of experience in administrative positions with increasing levels of responsibility, preferably at the postsecondary level.
          • Licensed California acupuncturist.
          • A person who can communicate smoothly in Korean and English.

    ‣ Appointment period: September 1 2022, to August 31 2023 (second term will be available after evaluation)
    ‣ Salary and treatment: Noticed Separately

    To be considered for this position, applicants are required to complete the application using Microsoft word and hangul and send it to the email address below staring from Jun.20th  to  Jun.22nd  by 3:00 pm.
    ‣ The email address is: apply@dula.edu
    ‣ All applicants must submit the following:
          •  A current résumé of professional experience, educational background, certificates, and other pertinent information.
          • A list of three references with business, home and mobile telephone numbers.
          • A President’s management plan(also in Korean if possible)
          •  Copies of transcript(s) (official transcripts will be required if selected for an interview). Documentation from an approved foreign transcript evaluator is required for degrees received from other countries.

    † President’s Management Plans
    The management plant should be written in the following way no more than 10 pages.
    1. Management philosophy
    2. Vision and DULA Management Goals‣ Present vision for DULA development and write key management goals and strategies for achieving them.
    3. DULA Management Plan
       • Organization
          ‣ Write specifically about efficient organization and operation plans for achieving management goals.
       • Human Resource
         ‣ Write a plan for motivating members to improve management performance, reasonable performance compensation, education and training plan, etc.
       • Finance
          ‣ Write about transparent and reasonable financial management measures and stable financial security measures.
    4. DULA’s key projects (tasks)
        ‣ Present a key project that has necessity, expected effect, and specific action plan to be promoted mainly for the development of DULA.
    5. Problems and Improvement Measures of DULA
        ‣ Create current DULA management challenges and improvement measures.
    ‣ For additional information regarding the application process, contact to
    Seung Wook Kim
    213-487-0110 (ext. 103)

    Applicants will be notified of the screening process and schedule individually. Documents submitted by applicants for the application will not be returned, and evaluation data will not be disclosed.

    ‣ Health: After selection and prior to employment, a medical certificate indicating fitness to engage in administrative work is required for new employees, at the applicant’s expense.

    ‣ All students and employees must be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption. DULA employees are required to provide their vaccination status in compliance with the DULA’s policy. Newly hired employees will be required to provide their vaccination status prior to starting a position or, at the latest, by their position start date.

    ADA Notice
    ‣ Applicants and nominees who believe they are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and require accommodation during any part of the interview or selection process must submit a written request with documentation at least five business days prior to the date of need of the accommodation via e-mail to: DULA Application Resources at apply@dula.edu