14 year old community clinic seeks Acupuncturist who is:

● Committed to the community model
● Friendly– likes interacting with patients
● Efficient, quick, thorough, and safe
● Interested in helping as many people as possible
● Familiar with distal treatments and systems, such as Master Tung
● CA. Acupuncture board licensed and has malpractice insurance policy

We are not a hybrid clinic! We encourage the patients to receive acupuncture from whomever
is there to deliver the treatments. It’s all about the acupuncture!
Please check out the website: www.ercaclinic.com
2 afternoon shifts per week available.
● Each shift is approximately 5 hours.
● Compensation: $32/ hr. Hourly W-2.

**More shifts will become available this year

Duties include:
● treating return patients
● interviewing and treating new patients
● charting (we do not accept insurance 👍🏻)
● patient follow-up
● prescribing/recommending our herbs and products

If interested, please contact Valerie: ercaclinic@gmail.com