Serenity Trauma Center – Malibu – (September 2022)


-This is  a part time position, with one day / week.

-There is no need to self promote, no building business or otherwise hustling.

-Booking of clients is handled exclusively by the clinic, and all billing etc is also handled by the       office.

-Pay is per client (hour) and is highly paid.

-Pay is twice / month.

-The acupuncturist would preferably be a woman, but a male acupuncturist could of course apply, but he should be aware that many of the clients have been sexually abused and they might have some fear around men.

-The clients have suffered some type of trauma, and a calm personality is an essential trait.

-Must have some experience, and an interest in working with a team of clinicians of different modalities.

-This is a fully integrative clinic, and there are psychologists, yoga teachers, and other therapists working together for the benefit of the clients.


Interested individuals can apply with a resume directly the clinic:

Dr Joanne Mednick