Serenity Trauma Healing Center is looking for a seasonal part-time Acupuncturist to hire from June 14th through July 15th.

This is a high-end mental health clinic located in Malibu, it is a beautiful space with a team of practitioners from psychologists to acupuncturists, all working together and sharing knowledge and information so that each client gets the best possible, and most individualized care possible.

This is an opportunity for any acupuncturist looking to become more specialized in their treatments and learn how to work with a team of western medicine practitioners.

It is okay if you are a new acupuncturist, however, you need to have a personality that is both gentle and unafraid of difficult emotional situations. This is a mental health clinic so it is important to understand how to be unfazed if a situation becomes triggered, and to remain calm and balanced.

The clinic uses “Alleva” software for chart notes and I will give a tutorial of the software and how to make the notes.

The pay is $80/hour, and the schedule is created ca 10 days in advance, and you will have an opportunity to agree or not agree to the schedule. There is a chance that the schedule will be very light due to summer hours usually being lower, there is really no way to predict this.

This will no doubt be something that will be great for a resume, and the chance for learning how to be part of a team is what we all strive for as acupuncturists. A fully integrated clinic, a beautiful location, and great pay.

Please send your resume to:

Anna Back 

310 602 9518