DULA OMC is looking for an intern who can share ideas on developing a practice manual, through which interns can apply their knowledge learned from didactic courses. The manual will be used by interns to improve their clinical skills by offering systematic guidelines.

  1. Job title: Student worker – Academic Assistant
  1. Qualification
  2. DULA current students with GPA 2.5 or above who are enrolling an intern shift.
  3. Currently not under a warning status or not under locked status on Populi
  1. Working Hours
  2. Flexible
  1. Reference
  2. Faculty recommendation preferred, but not required
  1. Required Documents
  2. Resume in English
  3. General Proposal/Idea about how to develop an internship practice manual or educational processes for each level of internship based on your internship experience so that our interns can effectively improve their clinical skills (1 page, Single Space)

Please send your resume and general proposal/idea (Half Page Length) to omcic@dula.edu.  We will contact qualified candidates individually after reviewing resumes and proposals.

DULA OMC 는  MSOM에서 배운 수업을 기반으로, 체계적인 Clinical Internship 을 위한 참신한 아이디어 제공자를 모집합니다.

  1. 직위: 근로학생 – 보조
  2. 참여대상 및 자격:
  3. 인턴십을 하고있는 GPA2.5 이상의  DULA  재학생
  4. 현재populi 에서 경고 상태 또는 잠금상태가 아닌 재학생
  5. 근무시간
  6. 조정가능
  7. 추천서
  8. 교수님 추천을 선호하지만, 필수는 아님
  1. 구비 서류
  2. 영어 이력서
  3. 본인의 인턴 경험을 토대로 각 레벨별에게 필요한 교육 내용 또는 지침 아이디어를 포함한 제안서 (본인의 관점에서, 1 page, Single Space)
  1. 접수방법: 이메일 접수( omcic@dula.edu)
  2. 7.결과발표: 개별통지