2019 DULA International Education Program

Advanced Research / Specialty in Korean Medicine

Dongguk Ilsan Hospital, South Korea – September 16 – 27, 2019

Welcome back to our students and alumni who recently visited Dongguk Ilsan Hospital at South Korea. From 9/16 – 9/27/2019, our students and alumni has participated in an international education program hosted by Dongguk Ilsan Hospital.

During this program, our students received the opportunity to observe treatments from two to five departments in which they are interested. Observations included the immerse discussion and classes within each department, including Internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, ophthal-otorhinolaryngology, rehab, neuropsychiatry, and sasang constitutional medicine

Our students also able to learn the methods and processes of Oriental diagnosis, x-rays, ultrasound/MRI methods, acupuncture, herbal therapies, cupping, e-stim, and Tui Na treatment through the observations and discussions of a substantial number of patients.

This international program, which is also offered as part of a CEU program approved by the CA Acupuncture Board, is not only beneficial to our students and alumni, but also to strengthen our institution’s relationship with Dongguk University Korea. On behalf of Dongguk University Los Angeles community, we expressed a big thankful and appreciation to Dongguk Ilsan Hospital, Dongguk University, Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine and Jaseng Hospital for the warm hospitality and great educational experiences.

Our institution is planning to keep maintaining this international program to be offered regularly.