DULA’s Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) DAOM is a two-year postgraduate program divided into eight quarters. Each quarter corresponds to Master's Program quarters. The program totals 1290 hours, of which 640 hours are didactic and 650 hours are clinical. Of the 640 didactic hours of coursework, 320 hours are devoted to the core curriculum and 320 hours focus on the integrative pain management specialty.  

Important competencies such as case study and presentation preparation, methods of consultation and collaboration, skills of clinical supervision, professional development, clinical evaluation, leadership, and research are introduced and discussed in detail. Students learn and apply skill and competencies in advanced patient assessment, diagnosis and advanced clinical intervention.

Biomedical and TCM experts lecture in specialty training courses, providing DAOM students advanced knowledge and skill in assessment and disease etiology.  DAOM students are expected to gain consultation and collaboration skills and to build professional relationships with physicians and other healthcare professionals. Students progress through the program in a modular cycle of coursework.

DULA has received approval by ACAOM to offer the post-graduate doctoral program titled “Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine” pursuant to ACAOM’s substantive change procedures. This approval is only the first step in the process toward accreditation of the program and does not reflect any official status with ACAOM. No assurance is made by granting approval to commence a DAOM program that the program will eventually be granted either ACAOM candidacy or accreditation status.


Current doctoral students can call or email the DAOM Coordinator for information on academic advisement.

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