Student Life

As a student at Dongguk University Los Angeles (DULA), you’ll enjoy a rich, challenging, and rewarding lifestyle that’s complemented by the quality and diversity of your fellow students, the enthusiastic energy of your professors, and the wide array of services, activities, and benefits you’ll get, all of which will contribute toward your professional and personal growth, as well as your off-hours relaxation and rejuvenation. 
There are three different student-body associations, representing the three different language tracks at DULA: English, Korean, and Chinese. They work together to organize everything from graduation ceremonies to relaxing picnics. At DULA, you’ll also find student advisory services, as well as special advising for our international students. 

To help with your studies, we have a 14,000-volume library, replete with books and journals devoted to furthering your understanding of Oriental and Western medicine. Our library is always growing through its acquisitions program. DULA’s library holdings also include an extensive collection of Oriental and Western medical reference texts, videotapes, educational slides, and other study aids.

At the campus bookstore, located in the library, not only can you purchase textbooks, but you can also obtain medical equipment, study materials, and other supplies—all without leaving campus. 

When you have time off from your studies, take a break in the Zen Meditation Center. Traditional Chinese exercises such as Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong employ a healthy dose of meditation in their regimens, and the Zen Meditation Center is the perfect place for such retreat.

Our large patio also provides a place to practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong, play a game of ping pong, or just sit and enjoy your lunch with classmates. With both sun and shade, the patio is the perfect peaceful place to get some fresh air.


There’s also a whole world awaiting you beyond our doors—and right near by. Centrally situated in Los Angeles, DULA is just minutes away from world-class museums, beaches, mountains, entertainment, and shopping centers.