Korean Yoga with Student Lana

DULA Summer Quarter Activity for all Students, Nourish your vital substances

With DULA student Lana

When: Thursdays from 1pm to 2pm

Where: Zen Meditation Room, 4th floor.

Directions: If you’re facing the Lotus room (that’s the big room we take finals in), go left to the end of the hall and it’s the last door on the right. 

Come join us learn a chill and easy way to destress and relax using Korean Yoga. Doesn’t matter if you’re a yoga master or if you’ve never even heard of yoga, it’s a gentle approach anyone can do. This technique helps balance the Fire and Water energies in the body. It is a great way to clear your mind  and nourish your selfcare.

Feel free to bring your own yoga mats or towels and wear loose comfortable clothing.