DULA Policy Training

Welcome to the DULA Online Policy Training.

This page is designated only for DULA Staff and Faculty Members. As part of DULA Staff and Faculty Members, you are REQUIRED to participate and complete this annual mandatory policy training.

DULA Online Policy Training consists of FERPA, Title IX, Disabilities Services and Emergency Contingency Plan. The HIPAA and OSHA policy training are held and coordinated in separate by DULA OMC Administration. HIPAA and OSHA policy training are only required for all staff, faculty and students who work in DULA OMC. For more information about HIPAA and OSHA policy training, please contact OMC Manager ([email protected]).

All faculty and staff are also required to watch the policy video as their training resources through the Populi system. To access this video resources, please follow this procedure:

  1. Log-in to your populi ID account
  2. Once you are logged in, on the top left of the screen, click on the "Files" icon
  3. Then click on the option "DULA Online Policy Training Resources"
  4. Then click on the each video files to complete the video tutorial for all policies
  5. After you have watched this video training, you are required to complete the following policy quiz that can be accessed through the link below.

Please follow the links below to access DULA Online Policy Training: 

  1. Title IX: click here
  2. FERPA: click here
  3. Disabilities Services: click here
  4. Emergency Contingency Plan: click here

All DULA Staff and Faculty Members are required to complete all four (4) of these policy trainings. Policy Training are required to be annualy renewed.

For more information about DULA Policy Training, please contact HR Manager at [email protected].  

DULA Policy Training for students are available through Populi. For more information about DULA Students Policy Training, please contact Human Resources (HR) Manager at [email protected].