DULA Gathering and Town Hall Meeting 2019

January 2, 2019

On January 2, 2019 DULA holds a gathering to welcome back our students, faculty and staff as well as to welcome our new students and faculty. In this event too, DULA also holds a town hall meeting for 2019. Thank you to all of our students, faculty and staff for attending DULA Gathering and Town Hall Meeting Event 2019. Thank you for all of the gathering, inputs and opinions that surely will help improving DULA. 

In this event, DULA administration have shared many updated information including tuition updates, introducing new staff and faculty to our DULA community, and congratulates our alumni who has recently passed the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam.

DULA also acknowledge the students who have performed tremendously in academic and those who won the President Scholarship ($1000), Dean Scholarship ($500) and OMC Director Scholarship ($500). These students were awarded with certificate of 2018 outstanding academic achievement as well as the scholarship certification awards. Congratulations to all of the winners and your outstanding performance in 2018. 

During the Town Hall meeting session, several students have also provided DULA their input and opinions. Our school administration thanked to all of your inputs and will do our best to accompany these requests. 

DULA welcome all of our Winter 2019 new students. And hope that they will have a great education and experience in DULA. 

And finally, DULA appreciate all of our student council members who have worked very hard to hold all of our students, as well as to bridge the students with DULA administration. 

Thank you very much for all of the participation that you have brought within our school community. 


PS: Don't forget to check out the cool pictures taken in this event (Pictures are credited to Basha Photography, best regards and thankful from DULA).