DULA plans to offer scholarship for students who fall into following criteria.

Purpose: The purpose of offering scholarship is to encourage students of DULA to achieve a high academic standard.

Scholarship for current DULA students

Purpose: The purpose of offering scholarship is to encourage students of DULA to achieve a high academic standard.

The scholarship will be offered on two categories. One is for didactic course for all students and the other is the clinical course for interns.

  • Didactic Merit scholarship:
    • Criteria: Selecting candidates for scholarships will be held on the beginning of fall quarter of the current academic year. Candidates who are top 10 students with the highest GPA will be chosen among all students who have been enrolled minimum 36 units within the last 4 consecutive quarters.The List of candidates will be delivered to the Academic Committee meeting and Scholarship Awards will be determined in the meeting.
      • President Merit scholarship (The best student): $1000 per year.
      • Dean Merit scholarship (The second-best student): $500 per year.
  • Clinical Merit scholarship:
    • Criteria: The supervisors in the Clinic will recommend an outstanding intern as the scholarship recipient candidate to the Director of Clinic. The Director of Clinic will choose one outstanding student, from the recommended interns, who will be rewarded the scholarship through EC approval.
    • Clinic Director Merit scholarship: $500 per year.

DULA New Incoming Student Scholarship

DULA believes that in achieving its institutional mission as well as to accomplish the program educational objectives, a high standard of the academic performance should be encouraged and maintained. As such, the purpose of the new incoming student scholarship is to attract and encourage prospective students with outstanding academic achievements to enroll in MSOM program and become a part of DULA community. The New Incoming Student Scholarship is only applied for MSOM program.

If you are a prospective students who are interested in applying to this scholarship, please click here for more information. 

Family Tuition Discount

Dongguk University Los Angeles (“DULA”) offers a tuition discount to families with two or more students enrolled concurrently at DULA. This policy provides general guidance on the terms and conditions under which a discount is applied. DULA reserves the right to periodically review and revise the policy to comply with relevant federal and state requirements and changes to DULA’s operations and practices, to ensure the policy continues to further DULA’s core mission.

To learn more about this policy, please click here.

Scholarships from External Sources

For further information regarding this external scholarships, please click here.