DULA: Thank you Veterans and Acupuncturist Without Borders Training

On November 10-11, 2018, Dongguk University Los Angeles (DULA) hosted the "Healing Community Trauma" certification training presented by Acupuncturist Without Borders (AWB). It has been a tremendous weekend training blended with the passions from the participants, who came not only from DULA and Los Angeles CA area but also from other states. The focus of this training is to train the participants to be ready in creating a community clinic setting in responding to the trauma events, even for treatment to the veterans. 

As we are remembering 11-11-11 World War Veterans, we have been blessful for this training that not only has enabled but also expanded the more acupuncture practitioners to treat many Veterans who have given their great services to our nation. 

Thank you to Acupuncturist Without Borders for presenting this great training. And thank you too to all of our volunteers, students, alumni and to all of the participants for attending this event and visitting our university. 

Check out the pictures from this event. Cheers!