DULA faculty consists of all individuals employed by DULA who are engaged in instruction, scholarly and professional, or academic service activities for DULA. These activities include, but are not limited to: lab and class instruction, language program (department, clinic), course and curriculum development, research, participation in student academic advising, and service to the profession.

Faculty members are appointed on a quarter-by-quarter basis. They are initially appointed at the rank of instructor after recommendation by the dean of academic affairs.


Faculty Handbook

The purpose of the Faculty Handbook is to define and explain the rights, duties, roles, responsibilities and benefits of being a faculty member. The Handbook does not replace or supersede any other written policies.  It is designed to provide faculty with an official policies and procedures document that governs all faculty involvement.  These policies are developed and maintained by the Academic Committee and Executive Committee. The President and Dean of Academic Affairs are jointly responsible to amend the Handbook according to the procedures outlined herein.

To access the handbook, please follow this link : Faculty Handbook


The List of DULA Faculty Members

In DULA, the faculty members have been carefully selected based on their exceptional achievement, knowledge and clinical practice in their area of expertise and for their skills as instructors. DULA faculty members have excellent multi-disciplinary experiences, knowledge, skills and competency. Many have provided input to development of the program. 

To see the list of current DULA faculty members, please follow this link : List of Faculty Members


Faculty Grievance Policy

The grievance policy provides administrative recourse for resolving differences when informal measures have failed. Informal settlements of disagreements are strongly encouraged before initiating these procedures. All avenues of deliberation, consultation and mediation should be used before a grievance is filed. Disputes being adjudicated outside of DULA are excluded from these procedures.

To see the faculty grievance policy, please follow this link : Faculty Grievance Policy


Forms for Faculty Members

These forms are frequently used by each faculty members in DULA. Please consult to the Dean of Academic Affairs and/or Program Director for more detail information regarding each forms and required procedure, including submission process, report and deadlines.

Form For Faculty Members :

  1. Request Form for Professional Growth Activities Benefit
  2. Make-up Class Form
  3. Report Form after Make-up Class
  4. Faculty Didactic Exam Request Form
  5. Faculty Complaint/ Grievance Form
  6. Student Attendance Status Report
  7. Faculty Mid-Quarter Academic Progress Report
  8. Faculty Final Grade Report
  9. Employee Time Sheet Report
  10. Faculty Annual Development Plan Form 


Faculty Events

DULA holds regular events for its institution as well as internal event to their faculty members, such as faculty meeting, CE courses, public lunch lectures, etc. Faculty meeting is one the regular internal meeting held by DULA academic administration. All DULA faculty members are required to attend the quarterly faculty meeting. All important dates and time related to faculty events will be announced regularly in each quarter by DULA academic administration to all of the faculty members. 

To see the list of faculty events, please follow this link : Faculty Events

Please be noted: 

  1. Student Attendance Status Report should be submitted to the Program Director no later than Friday of the 3rd week of the quarter (Report only students who have problem).
  2. Faculty Mid-Quarter Academic Progress Report should be submitted to the Program Director no later than Friday of the 7th week of the quarter (Reports only students who have problem).
  3. Faculty Final Grade Report should be submitted to the Program Director no later than Friday of the 12th week of the quarter
  4. Faculty Annual Development Plan should be submitted annually to Program Director and no later than than Friday of the 12th week of the Spring quarter
  5. Employee Time Sheet Report should be submitted no later than day of 15th and 30th or 31st of each month to [email protected] and [email protected] (if you are also part of clinical faculty, please also submit the additional copy to [email protected])


Contact Information: 


Yae Chang, DAOM, L.Ac., Dip.OM 

Dean of Academic Affairs, Acting

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Phone: 213-487-0110 Ext. 301


Adrianus H. Wong, M.D. (Ina), L.Ac., Dip.OM

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 213-487-0110 Ext. 403


Chan Ho Kim, MSOM, L.Ac.

MSOM Program Director

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 213-487-0110 Ext. 404