Information for CA Licensed Acupuncturists and other interest stakeholders about the NCCAOM testing and certification program



As a result of the interest by various California stakeholder groups and the decision of the California Acupuncture Board (CAB), in June of 2016, to use the NCCAOM entry-level certification examinations as one of the entry-level requirements for licensure in California as early as 2019, the NCCAOM has prepared this fact sheet to familiarize California stakeholders with the development, administration, reliability and validity of the NCCAOM examinations, and to provide updated information about the next steps for the CAB to begin utilizing the NCCAOM exams for licensure in CA. This fact sheet also describes the Commission’s longstanding partnership with state regulatory boards and agencies responsible for licensing acupuncturists throughout the United States.

Questions or comments related to this fact sheet should be directed to Dr. Kory Ward-Cook, Chief Executive Officer, at [email protected].

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