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Licorice Root

Licorice Root / Gan Cao / Glycyrrhiza glabra / Glycyrrhiza uralensis


What do we know about Ginger

GINGER (Zingiber officinale)

DULA Health Fair at Central City

Thank you to all of DULA Staff and Interns who again, have shown their hardwork to give back the service to the community.

DULA and UCLA Health and Wellness Fair

Thank you to all of DULA Staff and Interns who have contributed their time to give their services on Health and Wellness Fair. On Oct 22, DULA joined together with UCLA Team X Health to give a free health service at St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Monterey Park, CA.

Health Fair at Plaza Mariachi

Thanks to DULA Interns and Staff who have volunteered themselves for our school and public. On October 14, DULA OMC participated on health fair at Plaza Mariachi, Los Angeles CA. In the fair, our Staff and Interns gave ear seeds auriculotherapy to public and help to promote our school. 

Health Fair at Downey CA

Thank You to DULA Intern Janet and DULA OMC Staff Christina for your contribution and hard work. On last October 7th., 2017, DULA OMC has participated in Health Fair at Griffith Middle School, Downey CA.

DULA Meditation Lecture

Thank You to Seong Hui Bark. Every Tuesday, from 1PM - 2PM, DULA holds a Meditation Lecture at DULA Meditation Room. The class is free and opened to every DULA students who are interested in learning about Meditation.