Library Services

Borrow Materials

Check Outs

Item limit:  five (5) items.

Loan period: one (1) week for circulating materials; one (1) day for reference/reserved materials, which must be returned the same day before library closing.  


Renewal limit: materials may be renewed one (1) time.

Materials must be renewed in-person by presenting DULA ID and item(s) to be renewed.
Any exceptions to loan periods or renewal policies must be approved by the DULA Librarian.

When renewal limit has been reached, items are returned to shelving to be made available to all for lending. After 24 hours on shelf, item may be checked-out again.


Most materials may be returned to the Circulation Desk, or dropped off through the Book Returns window.
The following items, however, must be returned directly to the Circulation Desk:

  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Periodicals (journals & newspapers)
  • CD/DVDs

Get a Library Card

Current Students & Faculty

A valid library card is required to access or check-out materials.

  • Library cards are for personal use only, and may not be loaned, sold or transferred.
  • DULA photo IDs are used as library cards for current students, faculty, and staff.
  • New and replacement library cards are available at the Information Desk on 2F.

For more information, please contact the Information Desk on 2F at (213) 487-0110.

Alumni & Guests

Alumni and guests are allowed restricted access DULA Library’s materials by providing a valid photo ID with current residential address (e.g. California driver’s license, passport, et al.).

  • Library materials are for same day, in-house use ONLY.
  • Library materials may NOT be taken outside of library facilities.
  • Alumni and guests are restricted to accessing only one item at a time.
  • Photo ID is kept as a deposit until item is returned.

Expanded lending privileges for alumni and guests are currently under review.

User Responsibilities

The Library supports the information needs of all who require its resources, and is committed to protecting the rights of all users by maintaining an academic environment that promotes the pursuit of knowledge.

Library users have the right to:

  • access a safe, respectful and welcoming environment that fosters scholarly research and collaboration
  • request others to end conversations, lower voices, and otherwise enforce an environment conducive to academic study
  • request and receive assistance from library staff to enforce an environment conducive to academic study
  • expect that library staff will manage disruptive or disrespectful behavior with professionalism, and take appropriate steps to restore an academic atmosphere

Library users have the responsibility to:

  • treat others with dignity and respect
    • refrain from offensive, discriminatory and threatening language and actions
  • abstain from behavior that impedes the right of others to use the Library for academic study
    • refrain from talking loudly
    • ensure that all personal devices are turned off or on silent mode
  • respect the Library’s facilities, collections and service
    • refrain from marking, annotating or otherwise damaging library materials
    • refrain from removing, vandalizing or otherwise abusing library furniture and equipment
    • refrain from eating or drinking outside of university designated areas
  • act conscientiously as library borrowers
    • ensure that all items are returned by the dates specified, or incur fees
    • settle all library debts swiftly to avoid suspension of borrowing privileges
    • for graduating students, failure to pay debts to the Library will result in degree certification being withheld
  • abide by all Library policies

Any library user who engages in disruptive or disrespectful behavior will be asked to comply with Library rules and policies by library staff. Users who remain unresponsive to these requests or repeatedly violate the rules will be subject to further enforcement measures; e.g. library staff may give a verbal warning, refuse access to library materials and services, or ask the user to leave.

Should actions that are criminal or threaten safety occur, or when moderate measures to restore an appropriately academic environment fail, library staff will enlist the aid of campus security and/or police.

Violators may lose all library privileges, be fined for damage to library property, be subject to disciplinary action, and/or be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution.

Fines & Fees

The Library encourages students to pay dues promptly, to prevent accumulation of fees and fines that may lead to banned lending. Most importantly, students with oustanding fees and/or fines owed to the Library cannot graduate until these are paid.


Black & white printing only; cash only.

Printing: 0.10 per page
Double-sided printing: 0.10 per side

Overdue Items

Late fee: 0.10 per day

Items more than 30 days overdue will be marked as LOST.
Patrons are banned from borrowing until item is returned or replaced.


Damages to library materials will incur a fine reflecting the cost for repairs, as determined by the DULA Librarian.

Damages include, but are not limited to:

  • Highlighting and pen marks
  • Rips and tears
  • Missing pages, covers, jackets or cases
  • Scratched, bent or cracked covers, discs and cases

Patrons are banned from borrowing until fine for damages is paid.


Library materials that are damaged beyond repair or lost must be replaced by the patron.
Replacement: retail cost of new item + processing fee.
Out-of-print replacement: five (5) times retail cost of item + processing fee.
Replacement fees reflect the actual or average cost of replacing and processing specific items.  Alternatively, patrons may purchase replacements independently by notifying [email protected]; the DULA Librarian will provide the ISBN # and other relevant information for purchasing the new item.
Patrons are banned from borrowing until cost of replacement is paid.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Materials from other institutions may be requested through  Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Patrons may search for items using,  or request research assistance from library staff.
  • ILL requests must be submitted directly to DULA Librarian in person.
  • There is a $3.00 nonrefundable processing fee per ILL request.
  • Lending institutions may charge an additional fee to loan items, which must be paid when confirming loan request.
  • Loan periods vary, depending on policies of lending institution.
  • Processing time for requests and delivery of requested items varies, depending on lending institution’s operating hours and delivery methods.
  • Overdue ILL materials will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per item, per day.
For more information on using ILL, email [email protected].

Technology & Facilities


The Library houses five (5) computers for current student, faculty and staff use. Passwords are required for all computers, and may be requested from library staff at the Circulation Desk by presenting current DULA ID card.  

Computer usage is restricted to twenty (20) minutes when others are waiting.

Computers run Windows 7, and offer Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Internet browsers available include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Entrance Workstation

This computer runs software for new class registration, and may send documents directly to the Library printer.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab offers four (4) computers in individual carrels. These workstations do not currently have direct printing access to the Library printer.

Laser Printing

The Library printer is Brother HL-2270DW. Documents may be printed directly from the Entrance Workstation, or emailed to library staff at the Circulation Desk for printing.

Black & white printing

  • Printing: 0.10 per page
  • Double-sided printing: 0.10 per side

Color printing is not currently available. The Library accepts cash only.

Photocopying & Printing

The Student Copier Room adjacent to Room 301 of the Library houses a black & white photocopier machine.

To make photocopies or print documents, patrons must purchase a copy card.

  • Copy cards can be purchased from the Information Desk on 2F.
  • Money may be added to the card in $1 increments, loaded through the Information Desk on 2F.
  • Print jobs from the Library’s computer cannot be sent to the Student Copier Room.
  • Black & white photocopying and printing ONLY.

WiFi Internet

The Library offers free 24-hour WiFi to current students, faculty and staff. Patrons may request Network ID and Password from the Circulation Desk by presenting current DULA ID.

Remote Access to Library Resources


Silk Road: Online Catalog

DULA Library is pleased to present new material not only in our physical library located on campus, but additional online resources for easier access for students and faculty members as well. The new website has a new format which guides patrons to useful resources for professional development, research, and academic materials. We have begun to build our new e-library which includes an online catalogue through Silk Road OPAC system that allows users to browse our current holdings, check the status of loans, and reserve materials remotely. DULA Library has also added many new books to our library in order to support your academic goals. Please come and explore our new and improved space! Additionally, all online resources are available 24/7. For any inquiries or reference questions please contact the librarian at [email protected]

Please click on the URL above to remotely access to our online library catalog!


Databases & e-Journals

Databases and e-Journals are available for remote access as open-access, or with ID and password via Dongguk University Korea. ID and password are provided by request on a first-come, first-served basis. Usage is limited to one (1) week from request date, per user.

Please see library staff for assistance with accessing databases and e-journals.