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Students in the MSOM and DAOM programs may refer to the resources listed below to prepare for the California Acupuncture License Exam and NCCAOM Exam.

All items listed are available in print form through the DULA Library unless otherwise noted. Questions unique to these exams may only be found in the English versions of these texts.

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Digital Multimedia Collection

As part of university-wide efforts to continually improve the quality of its services and resources, the Library created the Digital Multimedia Collection to refine and broaden accessibility to its media resources. Hardcopy audiovisual materials, including VHS, DVD and CD items, have begun conversion to digital files, and will be made available for online viewing and lending upon completion.
While digitization is in progress, lending of audiovisual materials is suspended.


July 2016
The Library anticipates the full digitization of its current audiovisual collection by July 2016, with digitized items made available for lending shortly thereafter. Hardcopy and digital audiovisual materials acquired by the Library following this process will be evaluated, selected and added to the Digital Multimedia Collection on an ongoing basis.
Once digitized, hardcopy materials will be available for lending for DULA community members, while digitizal materials will only be accessible by current DULA students, faculty and staff.


CAPSTONE Archival Collection
The Capstone Project is the culmination of a student’s work and study in the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) program, demanding demonstrated application of knowledge gained through evidence-based practice and research. The project is a requisite to graduate and earn a clinical doctorate degree from DULA.  Hardcopies of completed projects are retained by the Library for reference by future DAOM students.
In the university’s efforts to improve usability and accessibility of information resources, the Library instituted the Capstone Digitization Project in early 2016. Capstone projects housed by the Library have begun conversion to digital files for online consumption.
Hardcopies of completed capstone projects will remain available for lending during the digitization process. Capstone projects are only accessible by current DULA students, faculty and staff.
June 2016
The Library anticipates the full digitization of currently completed and published Capstone projects (Cohorts 1-3) by the end of June 2016, to be made available for lending through the Capstone Archival Collection. Subsequently completed Capstone projects will continue to be digitized and added to the Capstone Archival Collection on an ongoing basis.
For further information and assistance regarding capstone projects, contact the Dean of Academic Affairs at [email protected] or the DAOM Director at [email protected].