Mission & Purpose

The mission of Dongguk University Los Angeles is to promote and provide excellence in education and training in Oriental medicine with respect to disease prevention, life-long health, and wellness using the body’s natural healing mechanisms in both Eastern and Western medical paradigms in an environment that is supportive, nurturing, and conducive to attaining an advanced level of academic achievement. 

Purpose of the Master’s program:

To train healers who are able to:
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical and historical contexts of Oriental Medicine;
  2. Apply this understanding to accurately diagnose patients;
  3. Utilize bio-medical diagnostic methods and refer to other practitioners as appropriate;
  4. Competently plan, perform, assess and adjust acupuncture treatments for common conditions and patterns;
  5. Competently prescribe and modify herbal formulas for common conditions and patterns;
  6. Embody and advise on healthy lifestyle choices; and
  7. Identify, define and model best practices for professional success. 

Purpose of the Doctoral program:

To create leading scholars and doctors of Oriental Medicine through an advanced specialized academic and clinical program that will produce the following competencies: 
  1. Competently apply the advanced diagnosis and treatment skills of the program's core Oriental medicine curriculum and clinical specialties; 
  2. Exhibit deepened understanding of the foundational text and traditions of Oriental Medicine in order to produce respected scholarship; 
  3. Demonstrate sufficient competency in integrative medical practices to advance Oriental medicine and effectively collaborate on patient care within the current US healthcare system and internationally; 
  4. Develop and engage “best practices” in patient-centered clinical management; 
  5. Critically evaluate and creatively contribute to clinical research in Oriental Medicine and integrative medicine; and 
  6. Engage practices of life-long learning through scholarship and advanced clinical practice.