The Library

With more than 10,000 volumes of books, 5,000 journals, and 250 videos relating primarily to Oriental medicine, our library offers a wealth of research resources to students and faculty.  Through our aggressive acquisitions program and donations from benefactors, our library continues to grow into a major asset to the Los Angeles area Oriental medical community.  Our stacks also include numerous Western medical texts, audio-visual materials and other study aids.  Additionally, our library houses a student bookstore open regular library hours to better serve the campus community. The library has several Internet-enabled computers that are equipped for multiple foreign language usage.  DULA is a wireless-capable campus with numerous hotspots.

University Auditorium (Lotus Hall)

This large, 6,300 square foot multi-purpose space offers a venue for examinations, commencement exercises, academic conferences, and continuing education seminars.

Zen Meditation Center

Our meditation center is a quiet space reserved for reflection and therapeutic exercise.  Located on the fourth floor, it also features one of the best views from the campus of midtown Los Angeles.   

Oriental Medical Center

DULA’s Oriental Medical Center (Clinic) includes 12 spacious treatment rooms with 1-2 beds per room, 4 consultation rooms, a full service herbal dispensary, a large intern lounge which frequently doubles as seminar room for in service trainings, and a conference room with computers available for internet research. The herbal dispensary maintains a stock of over 400 different herbs in raw, powdered, and processed form including herbal extracts, pills and capsules. Customized herbal formulas are prepared by the dispensary staff in both bulk and granule form for licensed practitioners and their patients.

On-Campus Parking Facilities

Available every day to all students on a daily or quarterly fee basis, our ample off-street, secured parking areas easily accommodate the parking needs of students and patients alike.  The Facilities Department conducts regular rounds of the campus, including all parking areas, throughout the day and evening to ensure student and patient safety.